Lesson 547 - Toeic Test Vocabulary

1) n. rope which has curved and doubled over itself leaving a circular opening; something which has a curved or circular shape

2) n. unity; agreement; accord; pleasing balance; symmetry; pleasing combination of tones

3) n. expansion; increase in size; magnification

4) n. limit to which money may be withdrawn from the bank on credit

5) n. heap, mound; wealth, fortune; group of buildings; dike; levee

6) n. decline; reduction; lessening

7) n. entrance; permission to enter; confession

8) n. voting, electing; list of voters; counting of votes; number of votes; referendum

9) n. excitement; great interest

10) n. match; whole consisting of two parts; couple, two people who are connected in a relationship (i.e. engaged, married, dating); two people who are working partners in a project; two animal that are joined for mating or working

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