Lesson 549 - Toeic Test Vocabulary

1) n. system used to place one event in relation to another (such as past vs. present, yesterday vs. today); period; era; hour; rate

2) n. acceptance; event in which guests are formally welcomed by their host; check-in

3) v. to let; to allow someone to use property in return for regular payments; to hire; to make regular payments for the use of someone else's property

4) adj. serving as a model; normal; regular; typical; widely accepted

5) v. to complete; to achieve; to attain; to perform

6) n. group of stores, outlets, banks etc., under one management; series of metal rings which are linked together

7) v. to speed up; to accelerate; to facilitate (a process, action, etc.); to dispatch; to execute quickly and efficiently

8) n. pledge; vow; declaration of intention; source of hope; basis for expectations

9) v. to honor; to admire; to esteem; to hold in high regard

10) adj. functional; practical; applicable

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