Lesson 553 - Toeic Test Vocabulary

1) n. caution; advice about danger; advance notice

2) n. building used for a particular purpose (such as a theater, etc.); business; audience; legislative body

3) n. programs which control the functions of a computer's hardware

4) n. appointment; proposal of a candidate (for an office or an honor)

5) n. testifier; onlooker; bystander; testimony

6) n. inability to succeed; lack of success; neglect; lack; non-performance; bankruptcy; downfall

7) n. prize; money that is offered in return for information leading to the arrent of a criminal (or the return of lost property); recompense; benefit received as payment for a service

8) n. raised platform; resting place on a journey; distance traveled between two resting places; phase; stage in development; stagecoach

9) n. act of repairing; renewal; act of restoring to good condition

10) n. tool; instrument; piece of equipment

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