Lesson 555 - Toeic Test Vocabulary

1) n. contrast; something contrary

2) n. great number of persons or things; many; a lot; composed of a countless number of items

3) n. assembly; board; group of people (gathered to advise, plan, etc.)

4) n. something presented as evidence in a court of law; display; show; exhibition (of artwork, products, skills, etc.)

5) n. topic; subject; matter; question; problem; end result; publication (i.e. newspaper, magazine, newsletter, etc.); act of sending out; distribution

6) n. plateau, area of level ground; prairie; savanna

7) n. standard of perfection; pattern; model; person or thing that embodies a standard of perfection

8) n. the U.S. treasury

9) n. profit; amount of assets that is higher than liabilities

10) n. store which sells food and other household goods; goods sold at a grocery

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