Lesson 561 - Toeic Test Vocabulary

1) n. command; order; authorization granted from one body to a subordinate body

2) n. preciseness; exactness

3) n. trip; journey; travel; cruise; story of a journey

4) n. bill; money made of paper issued by a bank

5) n. official date, meeting; interview; nomination

6) n. failure to perform a duty; failure to pay on time; failure to appear in court; option on a computer which is automatically selected

7) n. short dash; short line used to connect or separate words or syllables (-)

8) n. attraction; lottery; contest which ends in a tie; natural channel; gully

9) n. route; travel route; travel plans; travel journal; record of a journey; travel guidebook

10) n. structure; pattern; design; organization; pattern of data organization

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