Lesson 563 - Toeic Test Vocabulary

1) n. military rank above captain; person who has reached legal majority; main subject of study chosen by a college or university student

2) v. to hesitate; to stammer; to stumble; to sway; to totter; to be unstable

3) v. to live; to be

4) n. exchange of information or ideas; transfer; passing along; letter; message

5) conj. but; only

6) adj. exerting great force; effective; potent; producing the desired effect; mighty; authoritative; influential

7) v. to design or build in a form which offers minimum resistance to a current of air or fluid; to make more efficient; to organize; to simplify

8) v. to cause harm; to cause injury; to destroy partly

9) n. yield; product; manufacture; information sent out from a computer (Computers)

10) adv. especially; specifically

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