Lesson 567 - Toeic Test Vocabulary

1) n. business of supplying and servicing food (at parties and other events); company that offers food and beverage delivery

2) n. knowledge; intelligence; data; act of providing knowledge

3) n. person who participates in a bargaining session; person who negotiates

4) n. lack of knowledge; illiteracy; lack of education; state of being uninformed

5) n. thickness of some material that covers a surface; covering; bed; stratum

6) n. person who owns and operates a food store

7) n. large container; tank; tub

8) n. process of breaking down a subject and studying it; examination

9) n. person who makes changes; person who introduces new methods or procedures; creative person

10) n. bend; crease; depression in the ground; hollow between two hills; yard; pen

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