Lesson 569 - Toeic Test Vocabulary

1) n. time free from work other demands and duties; free time; rest; recreation

2) n. chance; probability of advancement or success; hope; promise; view; vista; scene; outlook; perspective; potential customer (Economics)

3) n. trees that have been sawed into rough planks; useless items that been put in storage

4) n. bank note; invoice; proposed law

5) n. opening; record; information or item in a book, dictionary, catalog, list, directory, etc.

6) n. person who ask questions (i.e. reporter or employer)

7) v. to interest; to amuse; to host; to hold or maintain in the mind (i.e. a feeling, an idea, a thought, etc.)

8) n. baby; very young child; toddler; tot; minor; beginner

9) n. medical care; therapy; care; relation; attitude; behavior; handling; usage; artistic or stylistic handling

10) adj. preoccupied; lost in thought

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