Lesson 577 - Toeic Test Vocabulary

1) n. component; element; factor; one of the substances which comprises a mixture

2) n. separation; dividing ridge between drainage areas; watershed; line of division

3) n. one who offers his services of his own free will or without pay

4) n. person or organization that prepares printed matter for publication (i.e. newspapers, books, magazines etc.); person who revises; person who reviews and corrects or amends

5) n. information that is confidential or classified; mystery; unexplained phenomenon; method or procedure that is known only by a select group of people

6) n. inside; inside a building; inland section of a country

7) n. minor office worker; book-keeper; bureaucrat

8) n. money management (including investment, banking etc.); science of money management

9) n. means of transport (car, bus, etc.); instrument; means; medium

10) n. middleman; agent who buys and sells property or shares etc. for other people

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