Lesson 581 - Toeic Test Vocabulary

1) adj. external; of the outdoors; from the outdoors; maximal

2) n. affinity; understanding; compassion; pity; concern; commiseration; empathy; approval

3) v. to create a formal agreement; to bind legally; to obtain; to make smaller; to reduce; to become smaller

4) n. height of something; altitude above sea or ground level; rasing; lifting up; grandeur

5) n. tool; gadget; device; appartus

6) n. insurance; shelter; casing; binding (of a book); front; wrapper; lid

7) v. to make resistant; to make impervious; to make a trial print for proofreading; to proofread, to edit

8) n. hoe; tool used to spread soil; choice; selection; plectrum; small piece of metal or plastic with which a stringed instrument may be played

9) v. to happen upon; to find by chance; to discover; to see

10) n. midpoint; middle; equally far from two extremes; average

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