Lesson 593 - Toeic Test Vocabulary

1) n. area of lan d set aside to protect natural resources and wildlife

2) n. act of suddenly swooping down and grabbing; sudden assault or attack

3) n. list of subjects or other information arranged in alphabetical order; indicator; sign; arrangement of data; price index; number which indicates changes in prices

4) n. sensitivity; susceptibility (to disease, etc.)

5) n. flat dish for serving food; portion; dishes; covering, coating; board; name plate; small board inscribed with a name

6) n. act of removing matter floating on the surface of a liquid; act of removing from the top; film; thin layer

7) n. teaching; direction; guidance; training; education; information

8) n. bill of sale; written statement of purchases

9) n. physical or mental well-being; freedom from disease

10) n. length; distance; duration; period of time; section between two bridge supports; wing span; distance between the tip of an outstretched thumb and little finger; unit of length equal to the space between thumb and little finger

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