Anh văn du lịch

Can Tho City appeals thousands of tourists each year, to explore the typical and unique features of the Mekong Delta, a region with a rich cultural life and diverse tropical elements. Can Tho is becoming a must-choose destination among lots of interesting locations in Vietnam because it promises a ramarkebale tour with true experience of simple daily life of friendly local people.

Therefore, tourism facilities have been upgraded with a wide range of services including guiding, catering and accomodation services...

The tourism industry in the region is in such a rapid development, so it requires the working staff in the industry not only professional expertise but also foreign language skills, especially English in order to be sucessful. To response the above mentioned demand, the Center for Foreign Languages of Can Tho University has designed an ESP course which is for the university’s tourism students. The text book consists of 3 parts which focus on 3 tourism sectors: guiding, catering and accomodation. Each unit consists of are three sections. Section 1 focuses on language materials used in tourism situtations while Section 2 aims at giving students different reading skills. Section 3 is the final step to help students review what they have learned.


Grammar Easy Grammar Medium Grammar - Difficult
1->25 26->49 50->75 76->99 100->125 126->164
Ôn Tập Ngữ Pháp Phần 1 Ôn Tập Ngữ Pháp Phần 2